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Precious Moments Figurines – Buy ’em Cheap

Precious Moments.  And No I don’t mean those tender moments in life that you wish you could pause time or hang onto forever.  Babies, marriage, kittens – Nope.  I’m talking about these little things… If you’ve never heard of Precious … Continue reading

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Tom Swift and his Cosmotron Express – Vintage Mystery Books

If you’re like me (and if you were able to find this website this will probably apply to you) then you are a very curious person.  Though, I have bought and sold hundreds of things on eBay over the last … Continue reading

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Royal Saxe Germany Indian Chief Plate

At the particular garage sale that I bought this plate at I remember that a KitchenAid mixer first caught my eye and it was actually the second one of its kind that I had seen that day.  I had never … Continue reading

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Jagermeister Sign

I’ll be the first to admit that when I stumbled upon this sign, I thought it was pretty cool more than anything else.  I certainly didn’t expect it to yield the results that it did, that’s for sure.  The day … Continue reading

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Ninja Turtle Edition

Let me just tell you… it’s been absolutely crazy this past week.  Last Saturday, the lease was up on our apartment, so I had to move tons of my eBay stuff to storage, pack my car full, stay with a … Continue reading

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How to buy things at garage sales and make a ridiculous amount reselling them on eBay: Part I

Okay, so you should already know this is false.   If you actually typed the title of this article in Google (or your respective search engine of choice) then you probably want to leave or you could continue reading, whatever, … Continue reading

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Inception – The Beginning

The first thing you should I know about me is that it’s hard for me to pass by a garage sale without stopping.  I don’t know when this peculiar fascination started, but somehow it did. One of the reasons I … Continue reading

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