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The Magical Science of eBay and Christmas

It’s no secret that the holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means… holiday specials, turkey, and Wal-Mart opening earlier on Thanksgiving night every damn year.  As an eBay seller, you should be excited about the prospects … Continue reading

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TWITTER – I’ve arrived.

Stay up to date and follow me on twitter for regular updates. @gsaleheaven!/@gsaleheaven

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Apologize for the extended hiatus…

Well folks, it’s been a busy few months.  Between work, opening an eBay store and an upcoming Wedding and move this summer, something had to take the back burner and unfortunately that was YOU (for now…)  Once things settle down … Continue reading

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Portmeiron Pomona Collection – Use Caution w/ Fine China Dishes

Above is a picture of a small part of a Portmeiron Pomona dishes collection that I bought a couple of months ago at a garage sale.  It’s significant because, this was at a garage sale with mostly what I consider … Continue reading

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Patience is a virtue… (especially on eBay)

For the first couple years of listing things on eBay it was always a game for me.  I’d list something for sale starting at a low price and have an idea of how much it’d sell for, but no true … Continue reading

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Precious Moments Figurines – Buy ’em Cheap

Precious Moments.  And No I don’t mean those tender moments in life that you wish you could pause time or hang onto forever.  Babies, marriage, kittens – Nope.  I’m talking about these little things… If you’ve never heard of Precious … Continue reading

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That one time I spent $600 on TMNT turtles on Craigslist…

So I’m sitting in my mom’s kindergarten classroom a couple summers ago when my phone rings.  Who is it? It’s the guy with the teenage mutant ninja turtle collection; he wants to deal. Earlier in the day I was perusing … Continue reading

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