About Me

The first thing you should I know about me is that it’s hard for me to pass by a garage sale without stopping.  I don’t know when this peculiar fascination started, but somehow it did.  One of the reasons I am making this blog is to document some garage sale/eBay successes and failures that have happened.  Another major reason I am doing this is because I have looked for years for a resource like this, but to no avail.  Hopefully this will help some budding eBay entrepreneur when he ventures out to garage sales or is wondering how to even start.

eBay is an interesting thing because it sucks you in.  First, I started selling my old stuff…then I ran out.  I needed more stuff to sell so I moved on to my family and friends stuff, but of course eventually I ran out of that too.  I don’t how or why, but somehow I morphed into going garage sales in the effort of buying other people’s things to resell on eBay.  You may be asking why I don’t just sell other people’s stuff and that’s a legit question.  The problem with this is that unless I have an eBay storefront, not too many people are going to want to pay me to sell their stuff on eBay, and even if they do, it will be in limited quantity.  Why go garage-sailing? (Yes, sailing).  Because for much of the year you have garage sales every weekend.  Don’t worry these days going to g-sales is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now for the real question.  Will I get rich fast from doing this?  No.  Will I be able to quit my job and never worry about money again?  Not necessarily.  Can I make a nice supplemental income and have a hell of time while doing it?  Heck yeah, man.  Come join me for the ride and let’s see what we can find.

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