Portmeiron Pomona Collection – Use Caution w/ Fine China Dishes


Above is a picture of a small part of a Portmeiron Pomona dishes collection that I bought a couple of months ago at a garage sale.  It’s significant because, this was at a garage sale with mostly what I consider “old lady stuff” that I would have never ever even considered good stuff a couple of years ago.  Awww… the power of BROADENING ONE’S HORIZONS.  Seriously, though, many people talk about finding a niche and becoming an expert in one area.  I say, in today’s market, you are paying for it if you aren’t willing to looking at different things.  The internet, smartphones, mobile apps, are all GREAT THINGS – so take advantage.

Enough, I will get off my soap box.  Another reason why this was significant was because I distinctly remember this garage sale.  It was getting towards the end of the morning and it was at a house across the street from the school my mom use to teach at.  I looked at the plates and some other things, walked off towards my car, and actually came back to purchase them – which I’ve only ever done a handful of times.

Coming back definitely paid off as I paid only $15 for the collection, along with an empty bottle of Chambord liquor.  I’ve broken up the collection into mostly individual pieces and actually still have a couple pieces left to sell.

With all of us this said, I will send a caution when looking at dishes, especially fine China.  I was visiting with a lady that owns a successful resale consignment shop in the area and she gave me her take on the current market.  There is an aging population that all considered their China sacred possessions only to be used for very special occasions.  Middle aged children of these older people are coming into the store hoping to sell the family China….

The problem, she says, is that so many younger women no longer feel the need for China.  What use to be tradition and a “necessity”, no longer applies and probably will not for the forseeable future.  This will likely cause a great supply of people wanting to sell family China, yet the demand will keep relatively low.

All I’m saying is, don’t overpay, and that as always: you need to know what you’re looking at.  If you don’t, that’s why you have an iPhone, Android, or whatever looker-upper thing-a-ma-jig.

For now:

Dish Collection Original Cost: $15.00

Sales to Date: $312.21

Net Profit to Date (after Fees): $261.15

Hmm.. glad I walked back to the sale.

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