Precious Moments Figurines – Buy ’em Cheap

Precious Moments.  And No I don’t mean those tender moments in life that you wish you could pause time or hang onto forever.  Babies, marriage, kittens – Nope.  I’m talking about these little things…

Care for a dance my lady?

If you’ve never heard of Precious Moments they are made by Enesco and have been around for decades.  Enesco basically is a giftware company that makes porecelain hand-held sized figurines.  The most popular line of these would be – you guessed it, PRECIOUS MOMENTS!   There is a little hole in the bottom of these figurines that I’ve never figured out why it’s there until I remembered that drug traffickers need good hiding spots (#justsayin’).

In all seriousness, I was actually introduced to Precious Moments in a unique way.  A couple years ago I sold nearly $1000 worth of them for a lady that had a VERY large collection.  What did I learn?  These things can get you some money, and that’s why I look for them – if cheap.  What else did I learn, she spent a lot of her money on those things.

Precious Moments much like anything else are damn expensive retail and I think that’s why collectors flock to eBay to bid on these things.  Be careful not to overpay, but for a lot of 20 of them you can easily get $5-$10 each on auction.  There are also some rare Precious Moments sets that will obviously fetch more for the owner:  For the collection lady I sold a set of four “Four Seasons Precious Moments” for over $80.  Another popular find is the clown birthday train collection.  I was lucky enough to come  across an incomplete set that I sold for ~$45.  How much did I pay?  $2.  You want the boxes if you can find them.  This train set had no boxes and one of the pieces had a broken trunk (the elephant of course!).

If you are familiar with Enesco you know that there are tons of other series, if you want to call them that, of little figurines.  I have fallen into the trap of buying numerous of these, but nothing has yielded success like the Precious Moments have.  PM has a nice sized following and though there are many sellers who don’t know the market and want way too much for their little figurine of kids holding hands, there is some money to be made!

Stay tuned for my next article this weekend – I’m going to talk about how I price my things for eBay auction and why my viewpoint has recently changed from what I believed for so many years.

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4 Responses to Precious Moments Figurines – Buy ’em Cheap

  1. HT Sundance says:

    Interesting tip, but I’m looking on eBay and I see page after page of them priced at a couple bucks each, and all the auctions are ending with no bids. Do you mean to say that if you bundle 20 together, you can get $5-10? By that reasoning, it sounds like you need to get these things for a quarter each to make any of your money back (unless you strike gold on rare ones).

    Do explain.

    • 777bandman says:

      Sure thing – I should have been more clear in my wording. I definitely agree that selling them individually can be hit or miss (rare will do well, common will just sit there at 4.99 with no bids). What I meant to get across was that if you can gather 20 common figurines that will not sell by themselves, you could easily get $100 or more for this lot. Definitely agree with you though, if you are buying one at a time to “assemble” your own collection you need to get them cheap. On the other hand if someone wants to sell me 30 figurines at one garage sale – I have no problem paying $2 each because the market is there on eBay to make that money back relatively easily. Look for boxes, like I said, and don’t even bother to mess with the crap like PM plates or other accessories.

  2. Marie says:

    They have holes in the bottom to get all the air pockets out. If they fire them in the kiln and there is an air pocket they will explode..

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