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Patience is a virtue… (especially on eBay)

For the first couple years of listing things on eBay it was always a game for me.  I’d list something for sale starting at a low price and have an idea of how much it’d sell for, but no true … Continue reading

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Precious Moments Figurines – Buy ’em Cheap

Precious Moments.  And No I don’t mean those tender moments in life that you wish you could pause time or hang onto forever.  Babies, marriage, kittens – Nope.  I’m talking about these little things… If you’ve never heard of Precious … Continue reading

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That one time I spent $600 on TMNT turtles on Craigslist…

So I’m sitting in my mom’s kindergarten classroom a couple summers ago when my phone rings.  Who is it? It’s the guy with the teenage mutant ninja turtle collection; he wants to deal. Earlier in the day I was perusing … Continue reading

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