Nerf Guns – My Staple

Two Words -> Nerf. Gun.

If you go to enough garage sales you will have that staple item.  That thing you always come back to and see almost every week.  For me, my safe haven has been the Nerf gun.  I’ve sold my old ones.  I’ve bought them at yard sales.  I’ve bought big collections on craigslist.  Big ones.  Small ones.  Green ones.  Purple ones.

Much like Lego – Nerf guns were and are still MASS MADE toys.  They are made by Hasbro and most will read Made in China.  With that said, they are still very popular.  Don’t think you are going to hit the big score with Nerf guns, but they are nice solid buys to resell.  Usually if you can get a Nerf gun for $2 or less you will at the very least triple your money, likely more.  It all depends on the one that you have in your hand. is a great resource to further your research on these classic toys.

The most rare Nerf gun? … The Vintage Nerf Crossbow from the mid 1990’s.  If you are able to find one of these BUY IT!!!  You can easily get over $100 from this Crossbow alone on eBay.  Don’t be fooled though, newer versions of the Crossbow have been made and these are just a regular Nerf gun.  Still looking to come across one of these, hasn’t happened yet.

The Mother of 'Em All.

So buy the Nerf gun and resell it.  What else is there to know?  A lot.  You need to know the market so you can maximize your profits.  I have shipped tons of Nerf guns to the country of Singapore.  If you don’t offer International Shipping – these bidders have no chance to win your auction and that’s a bad thing for you!  Less bidders = lower final price.  Another good example of knowing the market – look at the picture of this nice little Nerfy below.

So it’s a Nerf gun.  Just list it and bam we’re good to go, right? WRONG!  Research.  Will this gun sell better with that Nerf dart clip (the awesome orange & grey attached thing that holds 36 darts) in one auction?  Should you split up the lot?  With this particular picture the seller would probably be served the best by splitting it up.  Selling that dart clip by itself (again, the awesome orange thing) will give you $20 and the two piece Raider CS-6 would give you $5-$6.  Sell everything together and you might only get $10 for it all combined.

So, go.  Be free and Nerf hunt.  Besides, when you walk through target and see a Nerf gun in the store for $39.99 that you bought for $3 you can say, HA!

P.S. – Look for Super Soaker Water Guns too.

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