Royal Saxe Germany Indian Chief Plate

At the particular garage sale that I bought this plate at I remember that a KitchenAid mixer first caught my eye and it was actually the second one of its kind that I had seen that day.  I had never seen 1 mixer of this kind for sale at all, and to see 2 on the same day was pretty funny.  This is definitely a good item, but people usually want too much for these types of stuff at garage sales.  But I digress…

I very nearly walked by this plate without picking it up and actually I am trying to recall, I very well may have walked back towards my car and came back to at least browse this plate.  As I picked it up I had no idea what this plate was worth, but I will say that the “Royal Saxe Germany” writing on the back of the plate caught my eye.  The owner quoted me a quarter for the plate and I thought, “Hey, Why Not?!”

This brings me to an important point, though.  If you are going to look for the cutlery and these types of items DO NOT BUY IT if it says MADE IN CHINA.  BAD!  We are looking for rare pieces and a plate that was made in China does not fit the bill.  I am no expert on this stuff, but definitely consider the labeling and any special marks and then you can at least try to speculate.  Usually when I am looking at an item like this at a garage sale, it’s all about risk versus reward, and you really have to find a gauge for yourself.  In this particular case, the guy wanted a quarter, and that risk was worth it.

Last week, this sold for $60.99, and I know that a couple of my bidders were collectors of these particular types of Royal Saxe German plates, so I was a little bit lucky to fetch what I did.  Luck is a part of the game, though, and it goes both ways.  It has for me, and it will for you too.

Bought = $0.25
Sold = $60.99
Gross Profit = $60.74

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2 Responses to Royal Saxe Germany Indian Chief Plate

  1. Great posts, I like the breakdowns you give of the income. Keep it up bro.

  2. Brittany says:

    I have a Royal Saxe Germany plate, but the Chief is different, I want to know the history, why made in Germany? What tribe etc… how can I find this information out?

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