Jagermeister Sign

I’ll be the first to admit that when I stumbled upon this sign, I thought it was pretty cool more than anything else.  I certainly didn’t expect it to yield the results that it did, that’s for sure.  The day that I bought it, I gave the lady $1 and ended up with a cool sign.  The sign has collected dust for about a year.

Last week when I sold this sign for $58 on eBay I could not believe it.  It shouldn’t have gone that high, but this brings me to an important part of eBay.  I got lucky in the fact that no other signs were online at the same time as mine.  Other identical signs were going for $20-$35 over the last month.  When possible, make sure rare items are not ending on the same night as identical items from other sellers.

Bought = $1
Sold = $58
Gross Profit = $57

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