Ninja Turtle Edition

Let me just tell you… it’s been absolutely crazy this past week.  Last Saturday, the lease was up on our apartment, so I had to move tons of my eBay stuff to storage, pack my car full, stay with a friend for a few days, and I am finally home!  What a mess.  The good news is that I bought a 2nd Generation iPod Nano and 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle together for $30 off craigslist.  I should easily double my money on this deal, after eBay and PayPal fees.

The next part of this week’s saga gets a little bit crazy.  I was bored this week and looking on craigslist when I came across a large old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure collection.  I met with the guy and I decided it was a good idea, so I decided to buy the TMNT collection he had!  165 figures.  New in package.  600 bucks.  I know what you are thinking… crazy? right.  Wrong.  I payed about $3.63 per new TMNT figure.  After some research, I feel comfortable that I can sell each figure for $7-$10.  Hopefully, this is on the conservative side, but even in this case, I am nearly doubling my money after fees!

I feel like I have a toy store in my house right now…

I will keep everyone updated with my progress on this stuff.  Right now, I am $600 in the hole.  I went garage sailing for the first time in a couple weeks this morning, so I am putting together a post on the stuff I got and that will be up soon!

Until next time.

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1 Response to Ninja Turtle Edition

  1. richard says:

    cool. do you still have them for sale? please contact me back

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