How to buy things at garage sales and make a ridiculous amount reselling them on eBay: Part I

Okay, so you should already know this is false.   If you actually typed the title of this article in Google (or your respective search engine of choice) then you probably want to leave or you could continue reading, whatever, it’s up to you.  By the way, I like your imagination if you typed that, so you better just go ahead and stay.  Here are a couple basic tips that I have compiled to buy and resell easily.

It’s Saturday morning 7AM and you are roaring and ready to go.  You didn’t make a map?  …whoops.  People may think it looks dorky, but websites like Craigslist are your friend when it comes to finding the best garage sales.  Fight the urge to look cool and make yourself a map; get a general layout of the sales that interest you.  With that said, don’t go overboard, there are many people that use Craigslist for garage sale agendas, and you won’t be the only one that knows about that cool Kermit the Frog telephone (more about this later).  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, drive past 12 garage sales just to get to the one that you want to go to. This is absolutely crucial, as a lot of garage sailing is being at the right place at the right time.  So how do you increase your chances of getting the deal of the day?  Go to as many garage sales as you can. Don’t feel obligated to “take your time” when looking through other people’s things.  I agree that there are usually more quality items earlier in the day, but don’t give up after 9 AM.  Some of the best stuff that I have made the most money on has been bought well after 12 PM.  I firmly believe whatever is at a garage sale is complete luck.  Your job is to be able to be ready when the awesome stuff punches you in the face as you trot up that sidewalk.  Do not play too many guessing games.  Don’t pay more than $20 for something unless you are absolutely sure you can make money on it. You might want that collectible looking vase, but unless you are an antiques dealer with extensive knowledge DO NOT SHELL OUT THE DREW JACKSON for it.

You’ll have to wait for more tips or pay me.  Yeah, pay me.  I’ll be waiting for the payment to go through.  My account # is 4815162342….

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  1. sue says:

    Keep the posts a-coming! XOX

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